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Can you name the state or province these War of 1812 battles took place in

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Battle of Crysler's FarmNovember 11, 1813
Battle of New OrleansJanuary 8, 1815
Massacre at Fort DearbornAugust 15, 1812
Battle of YorkApril 28, 1813
Battle of TalladegaNovember 9, 1813
Battle of PlattsburghSeptember 11, 1814
Battle of Queenston HeightsOctober 13, 1812
Battle of Horseshoe BendMarch 27, 1814
Battle of the MississinewaDecember 17-18, 1812
Capture of PensacolaNovember 7, 1814
Battles of FrenchtownJanuary 18, 22, 1813
Attacks on Sackets HarborJuly 19, 1812 and May 29, 1813
Battle of BladensburgAugust 24, 1814
Battle of MoraviantownOctober 5, 1813
Battle of BaltimoreSeptember 12-15, 1814
Raid on Havre de GraceMay 3, 1813
Battle of the Rappahannock RiverApril 3, 1813
Battle of Lake ErieSeptember 10, 1813
Battle of the ChateauguayOctober 26, 1813
Battle of the Sink HoleMay 24, 1815

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