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Can you name the terms used in soccer starting with each letter?

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LetterTermWhen its used
APassing the ball to someone who scores
BKicking the ball over ones head while falling
CA lofted shot
DRunning up field with the ball
EBoundary line going across the goal
FOfficial governing body of Soccer
GGetting the ball in the back of the net
HScoring 3 goals in a single game
IAdded time at the end of a half
JKeeping the ball in the air with no hands
KStarting off the game
LOriginal 17 rules
MGuarding a player
LetterTermWhen its used
NGoalpost closest to the net
OBeing closer to the goal than the last two defenders
PAnother word for a field
QGames deciding who will be in the World Cup
RA card given as the ultimate punishment to a player
SWhen a player slides to steal the ball
TUsing your body to stop the ball
UUnited States soccer governing
VKicking a ball when it is already off the ground
WMost famous soccer tournament
XReal Madrid Midfielder
YMinor card given to a player
ZPlaying in a certain formation et. 4-3-3

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