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'Leave the ____ door open.'- Michael
'I'm gonna make this ____. I promise.'- Michael
'We will be a family. Even if it ____us.' T-bag
Lincoln- 'Michael it's impossible to break out of this place.' Michael- 'Not if you ____ the ____ it's not.'
'I'm not giving you my ____ at lunch.' - Bellick
'All that avails is ____' - Michael
'Just have a little ____'-Michael
'_____. That's a harcore tranquilizer, man. You must feel like you're walking underwater.' -Sara
'We are captives of our own ____. Prisoners of our own____.'- T-Bag
'I didn't know you were handicapped? I like to think of myslef as ____ ______.' -T-bag
'When you believe in ___like I do. It aint that hard to sell.'- T-Bag
'Be the ____ you want to see in the ____.' - Michael
'PI. What's that?' '_____ ____.' - Sucre
'Go for the ______. You hit it straight on it will buckle and take the guy out of commission.'- Mahone

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