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This talk-show host was once mayor of Cincinnati, OH
Current Speaker of the House
Elizabeth Taylor was once married to this ex-Virginia Senator
Sonny Bono represented what state in congress
This Nebraska football coach spent time in congress after retiring from football
This former NFL quarterback is currently a representative from North Carolina
The late Paul Wellstone represented what state in the Senate
This Virginia man was the first African American governor in the US
This ex-Ohio congressmen was recently released from prison and famous for his hair
Bernie Sanders is an Independent Senator from what state
George Clooney's father Nick ran for congress in what state in 2004
West Virginia Senator nicknamed the King of Pork
Bob Dole was once Senator from this state
Elizabeth Dole was once Senator from this state
What California governor was recalled paving the way for Arnold to win the office
This Michigan Democrat is currently the longest serving house member
Current Governor of Louisiana, frequently mentioned as a presidential and VP candidate
This man is the mayor of New York City
Al Gore failed to win the Democratic presidential nomination in a crowded primary in what year
Sarah Palin is ex-Mayor of this city in Alaska
Only current Senator who once pitched in Major League Baseball
This former Idaho Senator did not run for reelection in 2008 after being implicated in a sex scandal
This Louisiana Congressman was once caught with a stash of money in his freezer
Hillary Clinton currently serves in this cabinet position
This former Republican presidential candidate has appeared in Days of Thunder and Law and Order

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