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What is the maestro's real name
Newman's dream job is in what state
George's middle name
Youth hangout for Jerry and George
Name of the library cop
What does Kramer possess: causing women to be attracted to him
Who was Kramer's intern
Boyfriend of Elaine who shared a name with a serial killer
George was once fired from what restaurant for putting his feet in the soft serve
Name the book that the aryan leader O'Brien wrote
What does Jerry write on an autograph while travelling to see the Bubble Boy
Elaine enjoys movies picked by this man
Kramer enjoys movies picked by this man
Tennis pro who is horrible at tennis
Kramer has a sign for this railroad above his bed
George is once forced to eat in this diner other than Monks
What television show is a part of Elaine's Sunday night routine
Prior to stand up comedy Jerry sold these on the street
Kramer's alias
Jerry's alias
Kramer has struggled with this addiction
This according to Jerry is the pesto of cities
Jerry's van loving friend from childhood
Kramer attempted to trade this celebrities undershirt for Jerry's van
Susan's middle name
Kramer and George once used this parking lot
Jerry and the Whig Master consume this drink together
The Whig Master meets a man who is personal assistant to what celebrity
George consistently suspects he has this disease
Name of the trenchcoat invented by Mordy Seinfeld
Jerry bootlegs this film to critical acclaim
Kramer's friend who bootlegs films
Elaine would rather see what film instead of The English Patient
Saying George often uses while at a wedding in India
Elaine is a fan of this baseball team
First name of Elaine's father
Kramer hires men of what descent to roll cigars for him
Kramer claims this is the name of Fidel Castro's brother
What celebrity does Kramer give his 'treatment' to in LA
What kind of cookies do the cops have in LA when Jerry and George visit
Name of the maid while Jerry and George visit LA
Jerry feels tough in the midst of what kind of crowd
Kramer becomes involved with what classic movie theatre
After Kramer smokes a great deal, Jerry compares him to what
Kramer enjoys what Bette Midler film
George confronts these two celebrities to give his ideas for LA Law and Cheers
George gets traded to what chicken company in Arkansas
Name of the marathon runner who stays with Elaine
Name Jerry gives to his favorite shirt
Newman's dental floss of choice
Store where Kramer buys his vintage clothing
Name of Kramer's bookie who calls Jerry a phony
Elaine comes up with this clothing idea while caring for a drug addict
This man wants Kramer to drop dead
Name of George's horses at his fake place in the hamptons
While working for the Yankees, George is offered a position with what other MLB team
Name of the clown who has never heard of Bozo
After telling a great joke, George leaves work and watches this movie
Name of the off,off Broadway play George wrote
Russell Dalrymple joins this group to impres Elaine

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