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Can you name the facts about television's favorite shrink?

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Daphne's last name
Martin's beer of choice
Frasier practices psychiatry in the mold of what famous psychoanalyst
Call letters of Frasier's radio station
At the conclusion of the show, Frasier accepts a job in what city
Frasier's long time agent
Colleague of Frasier who hosts a sports radio show
Alcoholic Beverage of choice for Niles and Frasier
Name of Frasier's Apartment Complex
Name of Frasier's nemesis within his apartment complex
Martin Crane's former occupation
Name of Martin Crane's Dog
Name of Roz's daughter
Name of Frasier's first wife
Name of Frasier's second wife
Name of Frasier's portly station manager
Hangout of Frasier and Niles
Frasier attended college here
Niles attended college here
City where the show takes place
Frasier tutors this young man in history
Martin Crane's favorite bar
Niles is nicknamed this after winning a contest at a basketball game
This possesion of Martin falls off of Frasier's balcony
Daphne hails from this city
Name of Frasier's son
Frasier attempts to put this kind of light on the Christmas tree much to Martin's dismay
Frasier moved to Seattle from this city
Frasier and Niles often play this indoor sport together
Frasier and Niles' elementary school alma mater
Frasier often uses this as his closing line on the radio
Daphne claims to have this power
Frasier and Niles 'coast' in this type of class
As a teenager, Frasier is romantically involved with what kind of teacher
Martin is able to beat Frasier at this game

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