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Can you name the Wonders of the earth??

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In the sky
Runs from Syria to Mozambique
California-one of hottest places on earth
Highest mountain in Europe
Biggest landmark in USA
Waterfall in Brazil
Caves in China
Mountain part of the alps
Desert through China and Mongolia
Landmark in Tanzania
Big Desert in Northern Africa
Longest river in the world
In Australias Purnululu national park
Largest tree in the world
Volcano in Japan
Sea near Israel
Most active Volcano in Hawaii
Famous Volcano in Italy
Glacier in Argentina
Active volcano in Antarctica
Lake in Russia which is 1367m deep
The thing we live in
Landmark in Northern Ireland
Geyser in USA
Biggest mountain on Earth
Waterfalls on canada/america border
Rainforest in Brazil
Reef in Australia
Massive rock in Australia
Lights in the sky

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