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HintsJargon / Lingo
Play that is of minor league or unprofessional quality
A colorful term for an umpire
Third base
The usually dark area beyond the center field wall of a stadium that is the visual backdrop in the line of sight of the batter
A play in which the runner on third base breaks for home on the pitch and the batter tries to lay down a bunt.
Second base
An outstanding defensive play that refers to a part of a fielder's glove. Popularized by Baseball Tonight on ESPN.
A fly ball that is easy to catch. The term supposedly comes from a general store clerk reaching up and purposely knocking an item down from a high shelf.
A pitch that is high and inside, but doesn't hit the batter
A type of elbow surgery named after the first professional athlete to successfully undergo the operation
A team's closer or late-inning relief pitcher
An easy pitch to hit, usually right down the middle of the plate
A small ballpark that favors hitters
Pre-game exercise where one player bunts brisk grounders and line drives to a group of fielders
The deciding game of a series
A hitter's power zone. Usually a pitch waist-high and over the heart of the plate
The part of the bat just a few inches from the end of the barrel.
A bloop hit that drops between an infielder and outfielder
A team's best starting pitcher
A relief pitcher who usually enters the game in the 7th or 8th inning
A rundown
A 5-4-3 double play
A batting average of around .200. Named after a poor-hitting shortstop.
A long thin bat used by a coach
Sitting on the bench and not playing
HintsJargon / Lingo
Catcher's equipment
A booing crowd - especially at Yankee Stadium
A play in which the baserunner hits the bag a split-second before the ball arrives or vice versa
The batter after the on-deck hitter
A batter who lacks power
A soft ground ball that finds its way between infielders for a base hit
A batted ball that hits in front of home plate (or off of it) and takes a large hop
A strategy where the hitter first shows he intends to bunt, then pulls the bat back, and then takes a quick swing at the pitch.
A cap worn backwards, sideways, or inside-out by fans or players to 'help' the team score runs
The second game of a doubleheader
A pitcher that is usually the bullpen's least effective reliever who comes in after the outcome of the game is all but certain
A pitcher who throws predominantly non-fastballs, usually due to a weak (or slow) fastball.
A baseball caught in the tip of the webbing of a glove
A derisive term for a player who is very deliberate in his play, such as a pitcher who takes a long time between pitches or a batter who constantly steps out of the batter's box
When a large quantity of the number '2' appears on the scoreboard at the same time. Often used by Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully.
A substitution that allows a manager to make a pitching substitution and defensive substitution while at the same time improving the offensive lineup.
Runners on base, but especially when the bases are loaded
A very slow pitch with a high arcing trajectory. Invented by 1930s Pittsburgh Pirates hurler Rip Sewell.
A batted ball that drops in front of the outfielders for a hit, often unexpectedly
When a fielder catches a ball with his glove near belt level. The signature catching style of Willie Mays.
A hard-hit line drive. Also a strong throw from the outfield.
A player who strikes out four times in one game earns this
An old fashioned term for a 'Winter league' with no games, just speculation, gossip, and story-telling during the off-season
The American League, so-called because it is the younger of the two major leagues
A double play, especially one which helps to bail a pitcher out of a threatening situation

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