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Forced Order
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Beginning of LyricEnd of LyricCharacter Singing
There's a town
On the path of
Called the
With a
That's soon to be unfurled
And this town
Stop this reign of terror
When he's
A man
Almost if
Gets accused to confess
And though
His skills
La la la
A cop I am not
But with short cuts
And the proper presentation
Raise a finger to my head
Read a mind
And sure my girl's deceived
Woven? Weevied?
They key is that
So I tell these lies
The truth is a
When you're
I do what I have to
I'm misunderstood
Beginning of LyricEnd of LyricCharacter Singing
Yeah but I can't
It's the same
Just don't ask
It was implied
You don't know
And I
Someone's bound
Lighten up
Would you please stop interrupting?
Always cleaning
While your hair
Getting people
That's why I moisturize
The truth of the matter
I do what I have to
Cause technically
It's just a fib
They won't care
Over there
With occasional resistance
All this dark and dirty scheming
When my partner
When I fought
No I didn't
I'm just trying not to be
Under Santa Barbara
Santa Babs
Gold old Babs

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