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Forced Order
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James Roday's Character
Full Name 
Pretends to be a 
His business is called 
Lover of this fruit 
Loves this 80's actor 
After being corrected, he often says this 
His dad taught him to beat this 
Dule Hill's Character
Full Name 
Name of his car 
Calls his nose this 
He is good at this type of dance 
1/4 this nationality 
Maggie Lawson's Character
Full Name 
Attended this college 
Often does this during one of Shawn's episodes 
Father played by 
Brother's name 
One of her former boyfriends 
Timothy Omundson's Character
Full Name 
Mom calls him 
Childhood nickname 
His political affiliation 
Hates this animal 
Has irrational fear of this inanimate object 
Wife's name 
Corbin Bernsen's Character
Full Name 
Original Job 
Second Job 
Shot point blank in this episode 
Ex-Wife's Name 
In the episode 'Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up' he does this 
Taught his son to be 

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