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Can you name the Missing Word in these Movie Titles?

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HintAnswerYear Released
The ___ Redemption1994
___ Fiction1994
Shindler's ___1993
Forrest ___1994
One Flew ___ The Cuckoo's Nest1975
The ___ Suspects1995
The ___ of the Lambs1995
It's a Wonderful ___1946
___ of the Lost Ark1981
Rear ___1954
The ___ Mile1999
___ Now1979
___ Blvd.1950
Back to the ___1985
The ___ Dictator1940
___ Unchained2012
The Dark ___ Rises2012
___ of Glory1957
North by ___1959
Grave of the ___1988
Taxi ___1976
___ for a Dream2000
Monty Python and the Holy ___1975
L.A. ___1997
Some ___ It Hot1959
HintAnswerYear Released
The ___ of the Sierra Madre1948
___ Bull1980
On the ___1954
Good ___ Hunting1997
Lock, Stock and ___ Smoking Barrels1998
The ___ of Wall Street2013
The Secret in ___ Eyes2009
Gran ___2008
___ Girl2014
V for ___2005
The Deer ___1978
___ at Nuremberg1961
It ___ One Night1934
A ___ Mind2001
The ___ Falcon1941
The ___ Sense1999
___ Nemo2003
Butch Cassidy and the ___ Kid1969
12 Years a ___2013
The Grand ___ Hotel2014
___ Dollar Baby2004
Before ___1995
___ Day1993
A ___ of Dollars1964
Who's___ of Virginia Woolf?1966

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