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Seasons 1 and 2
Where does Steve Tanner find Sasha? State?
Josie Loren plays which elite gymnast?
What causes Emily to quit gymnastics?
What network is MIOBI aired of in USA?
Who does Damon go touring with?
Who bought Emily's dress for the prom?
Where does Emily moved from?
Where does Emily move to?
Which real life Olympic gold medalist appears in an episode of season 2?
Who sent the training cam video to Ellen?
Emily works at the...
Where are the worlds held in season 2?
Summer breaks up with Steve where?
What club team does The Rock lose to with Darby as their coach?
Where does Lauren first have sex?
Who does she first have sex with?
What character is revealed to be bi-sexual in season 2?
Kalyie's diary is stolen by which character?
Who is the first character to reveal his feelings for Payson?
What disease is Kaylie diagnosed with?
Where does Kaylie run to before nationals?
What character catches Marty and Ronnie kissing?
Kaylie falls off what apparatus in the starter of the show?
Lauren Tanner competed in what country without the other Rock Team members?
Sasha Belov replaces which character and future coach of the national team?
Seasons 1 and 2
What is Kim Keelers job?
Who helps her is season 2?
Max was making the decision to train either at the Rock or..
What is Payson's little sisters name?
What is Laurens nickname?
Payson, Lauren and Emily visit Sasha is which country to convince him to come back to The Rock?
Who did Kaylie kiss in the season finale?
The Rock Team wins how many more medals than the USA National Team?
Alex Cruz used to be a professional athlete in which sport?
Where do Kaylie and Nicky do a combined routine?
Kaylie's excuse for not training when she is in rehab is because she has a what injury?
Kelly Parkers manager is also her?
Who is captain of The Rocks national team?
Carter and Kaylie broke up because he?
Who wins the girls vs boys show off in the gym?
Who bails Emily out of jail?
Lauren and who are the co-captains when Darby is the coach?
Emily runs to what city once she falls pregnant?
Who does Kelly Parker try to train up to beat Kaylie for the last spot on the World Team?
What fundraiser do they use to send the girls to nationals?
What is Payson's Dad's name?
Razor tutor's Emily in which subject?
Maeve, Kaylie's friend from rehab, works as a?
What day does Summer give an abstinence speech on to the gymnasts?
What ranking at the rock is Emily before nationals?

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