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How Many Series Were There?
Who is Rodney's dad?
In which episode do they become millionaires?
which band does Del claim 'you can't whack'?
What is the name of the first episode?
Who is Boycies wife?
What is Del's father's name?
What was Del and Rodney's mother's full name?
What is Triggers aunts name?
What is The name of the pub they drink in?
What is the name of the pub's landlord?
How is Albert related to Del and Rodney?
What was the last episode called?
What was Boycies spin-off called?
What was the name of the irish painter in the episode 'who's a pretty boy'?
What is Boycies job?
Who runs the cafe?
What do the gang 'affectionatley' call the cafe?
Who did Rodney go into business with in the episode 'healthy competition'?
What is Del's son's full name?
What is Denzil's job?
How many episodes were there?
Who played grandad?
Who was the original choce to play Del Boy?
Where did Rodney and Cassandra meet?
Who wrote the Show?
Which T.V presenter played himself in the episode 'If they could see us now'?
What Was the name of the gameshow Del appeared on in the episode ' If they could see us now?
Who did Rodney name his baby after?
What was wrong with the paint in the episode 'The yellow peril'?
What is 'Triggers' real name?
In which episode did Raquel first appear?
Where did Del and Raquel meet for the second time?
Who does Rodney go to work for after he gets married?
How many GCE's Did Rodney pass?
Where did the boys got on a 'beano'?
What did Del call his security company in 'A slow bus to Chingford'?
who realised the value of the pocket watch that made the brother's millionaires?
what did del and Rodney sell in the episode 'mother nature's son'?
What is the name of the girl that Rodney is dating and del wrongly thinks is his daughter in the episode 'Happy returns'?
What is the name of Del's mate who moved to Australia?
What was the name of the con man in the episode 'Chain gang'?
How much did Del pay for a statue of Kubera the Hindu god in 'Cash and curry'?
How much did the waiter tell him they cost down Portabello Road?
What did Rodney buy for del when they became millionaires?
What is The name of the block of flats the Trotters live in?
Who was Raquel married to?
What was the name of Albert's friend who was a medium?
What was the name of Denzil's wife?
In What Eoisode did Cassndra first appear?

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