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ClueTwo Rhyming Words
A lever that administers corporal punishment
A steel teapot
A stack of documents
Lubricant made of sea water
Plaid pattern from a greek city state
Positive drapery
Passionately hot fowls
Dance involving tropical fruit
A very boring cranium
A message concerning outerwear
A fortress famed for its yarn fringe
A crime boss crustacean
Bright illuminating inner shell
Fine sediment resembling a comforter
Bourbon that could be dangerous to drink
ClueTwo Rhyming Words
Idiosyncratic dried beef
A flower that can't mind it's own business
Flowery marine calcium formations
A permenant scratch on a vehicle
The apartment I'm pointing to
An undoer of a clicking arrow
The former leg brace
A rampage to aquire plaits of hair
A slippery block
A fat primate
An instrument for investigating cloaks
A scarlet mattress
Sheep meat fastener
Adhesive patch of woven reeds
Ancient precious metal

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