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Can you name the tennis terms from A to Z?

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AA point scored on the *number 17*
BThe back line of a tennis court
CA shot hit diagonally to the other side of the court
DA situation when the score is 40-40, a player must score two straight points to win the game
FOne of the two ground strokes
GThe series of four major ATP tournaments
HThe part of the racket with strings
IA Czechoslovakian hall of famer that won 8 consecutive US Open's
JA tennis hall of famer also known for his temper and pop culture appearances
KAn offensive stroke utilized to try and end a rally or win a point
LThe term for zero in tennis
MShe's won 3 major tournaments and is the highest-paid female athlete in the world
NThe area between the base line and the service line
OA shot hit when the ball is high in the air, also known as a smash
PA tennis hall of famer that holds the record for most total week as No. 1 in the world
RA series of consecutive shots hit between a player and his/her opponent without a point scored
SThe type of stroke that starts off a point
TA forward spin put on the ball by hitting it at an upward angle
UWhen a player misses the ball due to a poor play rather than a good shot by his/her opponent
VA shot hit, usually near the net, before the first bounce
WOne of the four major ATP tournaments

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