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Goes on a date with Peter when he and Lois have to see other people
Mayor of Quahog
Huge ears, terrible movies
Former teammate of Peter Griffin, Jay Leno threatens to kill him
Ooo, piece of candy!
Repeats his name, then falls asleep
Takes an Indian skull from the dump that Peter needs for his house to reappear
Has a fist under his beard
Helps Peter feel young again
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. _____ ____.
Brian runs him over in the countryside and mistakes him for Steven King
Stewie plays Marco Polo with her and nothing ever happens
Appears in numerous episodes, and is Peter's good buddy until he becomes famous and gets arrested. Gives Peter another copy of 'Bird is the Word'
Hooks up with Brian but proves that she is actually very smart
Band that saves Santa Claus, lead singer also used to date Lois
Peter and Lois steal his suite at a New York City hotel during their second honeymoon, walks off Mount Rushmore because 'Christians don't believe in gravity'
Former football player who stays with the Griffins after Peter decides he's not as bad as everyones accuses him of being, turns out to be a murderer after all
Singer that Stewie is a huge fan of, he and Brian find out that she is actually a robot made by Disney
Peter switches Meg's newspaper article to one that accuses this actor of being gay
Takes a very long time to spell out his name at the airport
An entire episode is made out of spoofs of his novels
Stewie says on numerous occasions what a terrible actor he is and tells the pilot flying his plane to land right in the middle of the ocean
Loses to Carol Channing in boxing match by technical knockout
Part of Carter Pewterschmidt's poker group, invented Microsoft
Peter helps Carter beat him in a poker game after he follows the others there

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