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What city is the Taj Mahal in?
Who was the main architect of the Golden Gate Bridge?
What is the name of the statues at Rapa Nui National Park, Easter Island?
The CaƱo Cristales river is located in which country?
Liberty Enlightening the World is the full name of which statue?
Which country is home to Angel Falls?
The Dalai Lama is believed to live here.
Which country is known for the Itsukushima Shrine, Mount Fuji and its blossom gardens?
The Grand Canyon is formed by which river?
The Eiffel Tower was used to capture which Dutch exotic dancer?
Finish the landmark name. The Sydney ______ Bridge.
The Washington Monument was hit by which natural disaster?
Two thirds of which landmark have been destroyed?
Buckingham Palace and St Paul's Cathedral were hit by what feature of WWII?
Which landmark was saved from US bombs by its beauty?
Which statue is missing a beard and a nose?
When was the White House attacked?
What is the name of the tower which houses Big Ben?
What famous landmark is located in the Yucatan Peninsula?
Finally, type the letter of the answer to the question.Which of these not-so-famous landmarks are in Kyrgyzstan? A.Registan, B.Neutrality Monument, C.Altyn Arashan or D.Iskanderkul

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