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What famous battle was fought on October 25th, 1415?
Christopher Columbus thought he had found Asia, but what country did he actually land in?
Hannibal was born in which major city in what is now Tunisia?
Finish the book title by Charles Darwin; The _______ Of Man.
Who is the goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology?
Isis was the Egyptian god of magic, children and what else?
What colour are the benches in the House of Commons?
Which term refers to the genocide of 6 million Jews and the night known as 'Kristallnacht' or Night of The Broken Glass?
Which country had a Prime Minister called Bjarni Benediktsson in 2017?
Which Asian city used to be called Sunda Kelapa?
Which famous Mexican painter is being celebrated on International Women's Day 2017?
Which American president was assassinated in a theatre?
Who was the first to circumnavigate the world?
Which month do US Presidential Elections normally occur?
Suleiman the Magnificent ruled which empire and made it to its greatest height?
The decline of which vegetable led to famine?
Which animal went extinct on Aug. 12, 1883?
The Battle of Bosworth Field was in the War of the _ _ _ _ _.
Who led the Soviet Union in World War II? Last name please
Tanganyika and Zanzibar united to form which country?
Which German city was Einstein born in?
Burkina Faso, a country in Africa used to be called Upper what, sharing a last name with a famous scientist?
Who was the first American president?
What did Wilhelm Röntgen discover on the 8 November 1895?
Which country was known by Ptolemy as Happy Arabia?
Which African country used to be called Rhodesia?

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