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Can you name the answers to these geography questions with answers in alphabetical order?

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What is the capital of the territory of Niue?
What is the tallest building in the world?
What semi-arid region in Turkey is known for its 'fairy chimneys'?
Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade are all capitals situated on which river?
Which is the most northern of the Baltic states?
Which country is Turku in?
Which African country is the smallest to have a river running right through it ?
Which country contains a freshwater lake called Lake Balaton?
Which US state has a capital called Des Moines?
Which Floridian city is a major seaport on the banks of the St Johns river?
Which country's capital is Tarawa?
Name the second longest Russian river.
Guadalajara is in which country?
Which Canadian province has the Bay of Fundy?
Which is the third largest Hawaiian island that contains the capital,Honolulu?
What is the capital of the American Samoa?
Name the only Canadian province beginning with Q.
What is the currency of South Africa?
Which sea is named for the plant it has an abundance of?
Which mountain overlooks Cape Town?
What is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands?
Port Vila is the capital of which country?
India is to Mumbai as Poland is to...?
Name a Chinese autonomous region beginning with X.
What is the longest river in Asia?
What is the capital of Croatia?

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