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Name the landmark in Cambodia surrounded by water and has an area of 162.6 hectares.
What is the capital of Burundi?
What is the lowest point in Europe?
Mount McKinley is also known as what?
Name the ancient step pyramid at Chichen Itza.
Which Danish territory has a capital called Torshavn?
Which landmark ends at the Bohai Sea?
What is the only US state to start with H?
Semarang, Bandung and Surabaya are in which country?
Which Indian city contains the Hawa Mahal?
Tash Rabat is in which country ( so easy!! )?
Which sea is located north of Siberia?
What is the name of the hills that the Bald Heads are on in Zimbabwe?
Ibadan and Benin City are located in which country?
Which river connects with the Irtysh?
Which major Australian city is on the River Swan?
Which is the Richest country in The world?
What is the English name for the famous pink lake in SENEGAL?
Which landmark is composed of 79 stones?
Dundee is on the edge of which river?
Name the only capital beginning with U.
What is the name of the peninsula which is the lowest point on South America?
Caernarfon Castle and Snowdon are in which country?
Which Chinese city has the Terracotta Warriors?
Name the Russian river that flows into the Kara Sea.
Tanganyika merged with what island to create Tanzania?

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