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Can you name the Common Linux Commands?

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List directories/files
Copy file
Move file
Change directory
Debian Package Manager
Delete file
Change ownership
Change group
Change permissions
Concatenate a file
Change password
Create user account
Make directory
Remove directory
List running processes
Compile code
Print working directory
Tape archive
Find files
Search for strings inside a file
Filesystem check
Print environment
Edit a file using most common modal editor
Print current and previous run level
Change run level
Change a user account
Print a file
Switch user
Compares two files
Displays a count of lines, words, and characters in a file
Display text one screen at a time
Display the beginning of a file
Display the end of a file
Show full path of a command
View the current date and time
View the calendar
Remote shell
Secure shell
Secure copy
Secure ftp
Red hat package manager
Create a blank file
Mount a filesystem
Display free disk space

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