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Forced Order
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He's had run in's with his landlord and a cop
Former Daily Show correspondent: Famous lines include 'POW!' and 'IN THE FACE!'
'I want me some grape drink'
Ned's not considered a comedian by most comics
He's got major props in comedy
'I'm Wayne Brady B-t-h'
Former Daily Show correspondent: In a gang fight, he killed a man with a triton!
He was in line to be the next host of The Tonight Show
Jello Pudding Pops
Sh-t, P-ss, F--k, -unt, C--ks-cker, M--herf--ker, T-ts
What's the deal with ... ?
He has a 'Chin Up' on his competition
Canadian comic: 'Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad'
Former Daily Show correspondent: Doesn't not see colour, fought Conan O'brien
He's 'Delirious' but 'Raw'
He's 'Head of State' but he's 'Down to Earth', but please don't 'Kill the Messenger'
His girlfriend f-ed Matt Damon, in return he f-ed Ben Affleck
Former voice of the Aflac Duck, fired for making jokes on twitter 'Too Soon!'
He sees no evil and hears no evil
He's brought such characters such as: the masturbating bear & triumph the insult comic

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