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Our Favorite Protagonist!Easy One To Start :)
Nymphadora Tonks' Mother's NameA
Cousin Harry Pretends To Be For Bill and Fleur's WeddingB
The Only Peverell Brother Who's Name Begins With A CC
Childhood Sidekick of Dumbledore During Their Hogwarts Years (Last Name)D
Owl and Owl Supply Shop in Diagon AlleyE
Last Name of Hufflepuff Petrified in the Second BookF
First Name of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor for 50 YearsG
Quidditch Referee of the 422nd World CupH
Librarian of Hogwarts (First Name)I
Gryffindor Beater Harry Chose to Replace Fred and George While Harry Was CaptainJ
Course for Squibs to Help Them Learn MagicK
Counter-Jinx to LevicorpusL
Friend Cho Chang Brings to the Dumbledore's Army MeetingM
Full Name of Nearly-Headless NickN
Gamekeeper During Molly and Arthur Weasley's Time at HogwartsO
Molly Weasley's Maiden NameP
Professor Quirrel's First NameQ
Aunt Marge's Favorite DogR
Arithmancy Teacher at Hogwarts (First Name)S
Jinx Causing A Person's Legs to Dance UncontrollablyT
The Weasley Twins' 'Constipation Sensation That's Gripping the Nation!'U
Author Who Wrote 'Unfogging the Future' (Last Name)V
Slytherin Chaser 2 Years Older than Harry (Put His Name in Goblet of Fire;Was Not Chosen)W
Luna Lovegood's Father; Editor of the QuibblerX
Death Eater (Last Name)Y
Joke Shop in Hogsmeade VillageZ

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