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Can you name the name the Harry Potter character

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fat, blonde hair, pig face, blue eyes (male)
black haired, once pretty, washed up, grey eyes (female)
Dirty Blonde hair, stormy eyes, odd (female)
Red hair, freckles, brown eyes (female)
Messy black hair, hazel eyes, Glasses (male)
Acne-faced, ugly, (female)
Long black hair, handsome, grey eyes (male)
Heart faced, mousy brown hair (female)
Sleek blonde hair, grey eyes (Male)
Buck Toothed, Frizzy brown hair (Female)
Black straight hair, brown eyes (Female)
Stern faced, green eyes, dark hair in a bun, (Female)
Black messy hair, green eyes, skinny (Male)
Long red hair, green eyes, (Female)
Bushy dark hair, large bear, giant-like (Male)
Red hair, long face, freckles, gangly (Male)
Scarlet eyes, no hair, thin lipped, pale, skull like (Male)
Hook Nosed, cold dark eyes, straight black hair (Male)
Horse faced, blonde hair, boney (female)
Old, white hair, long beard, sparkling blue eyes (Male)
Wavy Blonde Hair, Slighly Handsome, Straight white teeth (Male)
Brown eyes, Brown hair, built, burly (Male)
Twins, Long black hair, Indian Descent (Female)
Tall, Dark hair, dark skin, long neck (Male)
Round face, blond hair, 'chubby build' (Male)
Brown hair, green eyes, scarred (Male)
Formidable, tall, thin, odd sense of style (Female)
Scary looking, matted hair, pointed teeth, yellow-ish nails (Male)
Frizzy hair, large magnified eyes, odd misty voice (Female)
Lion like face, large main of a face, battle worn (Male)
Large dark eyes, curly black hair, prominent chin (Female)
Tennis ball eyes, dirty, worn, little to none hair (Male)
toad face, mousy, unpleasant (Female)
athletic, brawny, wiry brown hair (Male)
fat, bald, old, short (Male)
tall, handsome, black hair, dark eyes, pale, (Male)
Blonde Curly hair, glasses, heavy-jawed face, gold teeth (Female)
Fat, Thick neck, gorilla like arms, flat nose, (Male)
Slender, Beautiful, Long blond hair (Female)
Tall, sallow, dark hair, dark eyes, long curved nose, sharp appearance (Male)
messy hair, green eyes, thin, short stature, no glasses (Male)
Twins, Red hair, freckles, stockier build, (Male)
VERY Short, gold glasses, either dark hair or white hair (Male)
Tall, Black, Bald, slow deep voice, one earring
large, beefy, purple faced (Female)
Well built, tall, dark hair, bright eyes, chiseled face, (Male)
Tall, brown eyes, physically fit, usually braided hair (Female)
Red balding hair, glasses, blue eyes, tall, thin (male)
growling, rough face, scars, a chunk of his nose missing, (Male)

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