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Can you name the Legends of St. Wenceslaus (2002 and 2003 edition)?

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Forced Order
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What are they famous for?Who was It?
This person was once considered to be a front runner for the Heisman Trophy
Once said 'I am boring'
Frequently enjoyed having her tits sucked by Josh Simon
The stupid people went to her
Carved a large 'Z' on the lockers and blaimed it on Mrs. Zwanovec
Was sick from school a lot. And I do mean a lot
The best darn volleyball player to graduate from St. Wenceslaus
The black kid
What are they famous for?Who was It?
Mistaken for a duck
Always had a Kool Aid moustache and a boogery nose
Was traded to the middle school before 7th grade
Impressed the bus driver by telling her about the time that he farted
The best tits in junior high
She farted and the house blew up. She also married a 40 year old.
Banked a fadeway three pointer to force overtime in the Tri County Championship
If you took a crap after lunch, watch out for this guy

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