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QUIZ: Can you name the Pokemon Guessing Game?

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Ash's companionElectric
Legendary clone PokemonPyschic
Ash's chosen Diamond and Pearl starterGrass
Pokemon based on spell namePyschic
Large Dragon who can swim Water
Dragon messengerDragon
Legendary Pokemon with time-travel abilityPyschic
Gary's first PokemonWater
Final evolution of CharmanderFire
Jessie's Pokemon which constantly irritates herPyschic
Pokemon with speaking abilityFighting
Dawn's starting Pokemon from Diamond and PearlWater
Mischevious basic Pokemon who likes to scare peopleGhost
Misty's star PokemonWater
Fought in a legendary battle with RayquazaPyschic
Electric bird Pokemon based off of CryptidElectric

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