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QUIZ: Can you name the words that can be changed by replacing letters with X?

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word without an Xwordsword with an X
Item to be discussedPoisonous
Partner to Dombey or SanfordIn baseball they can be White or Red
They can be folk, tall, or fairyAlong with death, they are the only certain things
John Irving character who was a real MeanyA pair of large draft animals
One of the Van Pelts from cartoon fameAlternative to Windows or Mac OS
A member of the woodwind familyA popular video game console
British pub drinksRodriguez, Trebeck, or Keaton
The Spartans in the movie '300', for exampleThe king they were fighting against
Repaired with close stitches over coinciding edgesHaving an excessive libido
Company that was known for being second but tried harderGermany, Italy, and Romania, among others
Constellation in the shape of a rabbitCar company that is a division of Toyota
It can follow 'ear' or 'Erie'An antianxiety medication
It can decrease the value of a gemLinseed
The first premier of the People's Republic of China (last name)'The Expert in Gentle, Dependable Overnight Relief'
Feels compassion for another's misfortuneWee fairies, like Tinkerbell in Disney's Peter Pan
word without an Xwordsword with an X
It can be Windsor, square, or slipFort near Louisville, Kentucky
Composer of 'The Lion King', to his friendsSecond company on the Fortune 500 list in 2010
Catherine or Josephine, for exampleFollows 'American' or 'Federal' in company names
Joined togetherCuisine that blends styles from the American Southwest and south of the border
Very fatigued and out of breathS.C. Johnson product featured in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
Colloquially, Woody Allen, Larry King and Buddy Holly have four of themElizabeth Taylor has seven of them
Prepared parmesan cheeseLike 'Last Tango in Paris'
Like 'Last Tango in Paris'Like Tahiti or Bali
Getting darker, from a lunar perspectiveGetting brighter, from a lunar perspective
The king in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus's birthCopy
Motley musical groupThe vital point of an argument
A hint of things to comeRoles for Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, and Patrick Stewart
Transport, transmit, or communicateLike a telescope or microscope lens
First name of actor who starred in 'The Pacifier' and 'Chronicles of Riddick'Movie he starred in in 2002
Cameron Diaz portrayed this title character in 1998He portrayed Rufus T. Firefly and Captain Jeffrey Spaulding
A game or competitionWhat politicians' quotes are often taken out of

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