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Can you name the short lived situation comedies (US) from their description?

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Bob Cummings must take care of Julie Newmar, a sexy Amazonian robot1964-1965
Jerry Van Dyke is a lawyer whose mother is reincarnated as a 1928 Porter convertible1965-66
Hope Lange rents a cottage, only to find it haunted by the ghost of a 19th century sea captain1968-1970
Juliet Mills is a Mary Poppins-like babysitter who may or may not have magical powers.1970-71
Ted Bessell is a dentist who lives with Buttons the Chimpanzee, a washout from the space program1972
Meredith Baxter is an Irish-Catholic teacher married to a Jewish cab driver1972-73
Sally Field informs her new husband (John Davidson) that she has ESP1973-74
Mel Brooks parody of Robin Hood with Dick Gautier as Robin and Dick Van Patten as Friar Tuck1975
Cheap hotel missing a letter in its name featured two prostitutes, an illegal immigrant and a gay couple. In 1975? Go figure!1975
Norman Lear spoof of soap operas starred Louise Lasser, Louise Lasser1976-77
A police detective solves crimes with his new android partner, played by John Schuck1976-77
Richard Benjamin is a 23rd century trash collector who roams the galaxy in his spaceship with the Doublemint twins and his vegetable first officer.1977-78
In this 'Bewitched' spin-off, Lisa Hartman is Samantha's grown-up daughter who can finally twitch her nose without using her finger 1977-78
Blotto Blutarsky joins his brother's fraternity from the movie 'Animal House'--featuring Michelle Pfeiffer as 'The Bombshell'1979
Spin-off of 'Three's Company' featuring Stanley, the former landlord, and Helen, his sex-starved wife.1979-1980
Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari must dress in drag in order to rent in an all-female apartment building. 1980-82
Gabe Kaplan is a New Yorker who follows his dream to own a country music club in Luckenbach, Texas1981-9182
Mickey Rooney is a senior citizen who moves in with grandson Dana Carvey and his roommate Nathan Lane. Meg Ryan is the girlfriend.1982
Dabney Coleman is an egotistical talk show host in Buffalo, New York1983-84
Colonel Potter, Klinger, and Father Mulcahey work together at General General VA hospital after the Korean war1983-85
Spin-off of cheers featuring Carla's ex-husband and his bimbo wife1987
Snow White and her husband wake up after 1000 years to find themselves living in a modern 20th century suburb with her stepmother and a dwarf.1987-88
Tony Danza is the voice of Mickey, the talking baby1991-92
Six mismatched characters must try to reestablish civilization after surviving the nuclear holocaust.1992
Two astronauts from the 'hood in the 23rd century fly around in a winged car; also starred John Lithgow and James Doohan1996-97
Adam Arkin discovers his 6 month old can talk like an adult.2002-03

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