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I think 'Beauty and the Beast' is the finest Disney film.
A survey at the time had estimated that over half of children saw it.
The animation in the film never ceases to amaze us.
Lumiere charmed us and Gaston gave us the shivers.
I love the part where Belle sneaks in and finds the rose.
Although the title characters were very different, they fell in love at last.
Another message of the film is not to judge a book by its cover.
Even usually unimaginative viewers claimed to enjoy it immensely.
Nevertheless, a poll of other movie goers put 'The Little Mermaid' higher.
Was 'Under the Sea' the name of the song we all liked?
I don't remember hearing it at all on the radio.
It reminds me of a beach I'll escape to on my next trip.
Either movie would certainly top 'Aristocats'.
Watching the cats do their jam, I'd assure you, got very tiresome.
And Duchess the Cat eventually got extremely annoying.
But suppose I don't like cartoons at all?
Or I only like dramas and sweet romance?
At least, the length of a cartoon is usually shorter.
Nobody cares about good animation any more.
Movies today seem to be made by inept, unexciting directors.
In fact, I find most current movies a turn-off these days.
I think the last really good Disney movie I ever saw was 'Hercules'
Although 'The Princess and the Frog' did show some Cajun originality.
Can you guess my theme?

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