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Once upon a time, long ago and far away...
...a colossal, monstrous ogre named Shrek lived in a swamp
Shrek was quite a slob, lacking most social graces.
He would sit all day on his porch, idly passing gas and burping.
He never found a plate, napkin or utensil very useful.
Nearby, evil Lord Farquaad hoped to banish a down-trodden fairytale community to the swamp.
Shrek did not enjoy his new neighbors--Pinocchio did wooden impressions...
while the gingerbread man ate every crumb in his house.
Farquaad hired Shrek to bring lovely Princess Fiona for his bride.
Princess Fiona was trapped in a tower guarded by a flaming old dragon.
She also wasn't too happy about her annoying ogre enchantment.
Every night she would yell, 'O, what a wretched life I lead!'
Shrek and his new friend, Donkey, headed out and rescued the princess.
To Fiona, Shrek didn't happen to be a very heroic figure;
and Shrek told Fiona, 'For a princess, you're not the kind I go for.'
On the way home, Shrek would vent anger in excessive amounts.
Eventually, he learns to stay calm on Donkey's urging...
and discovers being nicer is easier than he thought.
But Shrek had no hope a cheerful, gorgeous girl like Fiona could ever love an ogre.
Though he might prefer not to, Shrek brought Fiona to Farquaad...
who rang every bell in town to celebrate the wedding.
Donkey's unglowing report of the wedding changed Shrek's mind.
He let out a bellow, hit every guard in the castle, and stopped the wedding.
He and Fiona kissed, and to their surprise, piano music filled the ballroom...
and a shining ray of light transformed Fiona forever...
who lived happily ever after with Shrek as a plump, ugly ogress.

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