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I've been contemplating a thrilling book I wish to write
I may spend over a year finishing it.
It will be about how Arthur became the brave new king of England
He may not have been the strongest or kingliest ruler England ever had...
...but he was smart in the way he brought his subjects together.
Brigands would roam the land and rob innocent peasants.
Arthur started helping rouse the knights of the realm to take arms against them.
They met at the Round Table, the most richly decorated dining room ever.
If they got rowdy, Arthur would send them off in challenges to one another.
At the joust, they would spar, rotating between knights.
They would grasp arrows and lances and fight on horseback...
...or attack on foot in their armor with awkward steps.
He sent them off once to find the mysterious Holy Grail.
He told them it would be a gleaming, golden cup.
Sir Galahad found it surrounded by a flaming orange halo.
I would also tell of Arthur's knighting a legendary warrior, Lancelot...
...and how Lancelot won the heart of Arthur's queen, Guinevere.
Lancelot started to open Guinevere's eyes to beauty and passion...
...until he became her one and only desire.
Their illicit romance was truly heart-wrenching...
...but it is hardly possible to keep lovers such as they apart
They met at night with stealth, rushing into each other's arms.
When Arthur found them, their betrayal cut him deeply.
Both Lancelot and Guinevere were filled with regret...
...and their union only brought them bitterness for the rest of their days.
Arthur's nephew, Mordred, and his cronies wanted to overthrow his uncle.
Fate let Mordred win glory on the battlefield and defeat the king.
Thus ended the much heralded reign of King Arthur, who, they say...
...will return one day and start a second Order of noble Knights.

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