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Can you Name the FIFA 17 Player Described?

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NationPlayerExtra Info
PortugalThe Highest Rated Player on the Game
ItalyHas a Perfect Link to a CDM that has 41 Pace
DemarkHis Dad is a 90 Rated Legend
SenegalHas a card in all 3 attacking positions (RM/RW, ST, LM/LW)
FranceHas the same first name as the player in the previous question
GermanyThe only German from the Calcio A that has over 75 Pace
EnglandHad an Inform at RWB; shares a name with the player in the previous question
ItalyFrom the club of the player in the previous question
ItalyThe 5 Star Skiller from the same nation as the player in the previous question
SpainHad the same type of SBC as the player in the previous question
FranceThe Most Used Player on FIFA 17
FranceHas a Teammate with 99 Pace
FranceHas an inform with a triple stat and a TOTS in the Gullit Gang
NationPlayerExtra Info
Korea RepublicThe only player to recieve 2 POTM SBC's
MexicoThe Silver Player with the highest Total Stats
MexicoThe Highest Rated North American in the Game
NetherlandsThe only Inform from his league to have over 85 Pace
PortugalThe only base Walkout from Real Madrid not to have a Special Card
ColombiaThe Highest Rated player from his nation
ItalyThe Strongest (Most Physical) Legend on the Game
SenegalThe only Ones to Watch with 99 Pace
BrazilThe Highest Rated CB with High/High Workrates
SpainThe Fastest Gold CB in the Game
TurkeyThe Sweaty Bronze striker who had a scream card and a +6 upgrade
United StatesThe only TOTS from his Nation

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