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Doctrine that behavior is cause by a person's independent decisions, not by external determinants
Portion of each cerebral hemisphere at the anterior pole, with sections that control movement and certain aspects of memory
Large set of axons connecting the left and right hemispheres
Gradual change in the frequency of various genes from one generation to the next
Section of the nervous system that controls the functioning of the internal organs
Rear portion of each cerebral hemisphere, critical for vision
Strip in the anterior part of the parietal lobe that receives most touch sensations and other information about the body
Estimate of variance within a population that is due to heredity
View that the mind is separate from the brain
Receives sensory input from the head and controls many muscles in the head
Hindbrain structure that is active in the control of movement, rapid motor skills, aim
Single, long, thin, straight fiber that transmits information from a neuron to other neurons or to muscle cells
Sub-cortical structure deep within the temporal lobe that responds strongly to emotional situations
Tendency to be active or inactive, outgoing or reserved, respond vigorously or quietly
One of the widely branching structures of a neuron that receive transmissions from other neurons
Is important for hunger, thirst, and other motivated behaviors
Develop from two eggs and shares half of genes
Cells of the nervous system that receive information and transmit it to other cells by conducting electrochemical impulses
Fertilized egg cell
____ Explanation that relates behavior to the evolutionary history of the species
Change as a result of experience
____ Explanation -Description of the mechanism that produces a behavior
Brain and spinal cord
Bundles of axons that convey messages between the spinal cord and the rest of the body
Portion of each cerebral hemisphere; the main receiving area for the sense of touch and for the awareness of one's own body and perception of location of the body in space
Insulating sheath that speeds the transmission of impulses along an axon
Located in hindbrain, controls main muscles in the head and several life preserving functions
Develop from a single fertilized egg and has identical genes
Cell of the nervous system that insulates neurons, removes waste materials, and performs other supportive functions
A by-station from the sensory organs to the cerebral cortex sensory regions. It has a somatosensory mapping of the body
Outer Surface of the fore brain
Set of glands that produce hormones and release them into the bloodstream
Strands of hereditary material found in the nucleus of a cell
View that consciousness is inseparable from the physical brain
Assumption that all behavior has a cause or determinant, in the observable world
Segments of Chromosomes that control chemical reactions that ultimately direct the development of an organism
Portion of each cerebral hemisphere; the main processing are for hearing, complex aspects of vision and certain aspects of emotional behavior
Chemical released by glands and conveyed by the blood to other parts of the body where it alters activity

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