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Can you name the Warrior Cats Shadowstar's Life Allegiances?

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LeaderBlack, thick-furred she-cat with green eyes
DeputyBlack tom with amber eyes
Medicine CatGray tabby tom with white mark on his chest and amber eyes
WarriorLong-furred tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
WarriorBlack tom with yellow eyes
WarriorBig tabby tom with unusually small ears
WarriorPale brown tom with four balck paws
WarriorWhite she-cat with yellow splotches
WarriorBlack tom with an orange tail
WarriorDappled brown tom
WarriorTortoiseshell she-cat
LeaderOrange tom with big white paws
DeputyGray tom with amber eyes
Medicine CatLong-furred black tom with white ears, white chest, and two white paws
WarriorSleek dark gray she-cat with bits of black around her ears and paws
WarriorWhite tom with pink eyes
WarriorBlack-and-white tom with amber eyes
WarriorSplotchy ginger-and-black she-cat with scar on muzzle
WarriorGinger-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes
WarriorGinger tom with green eyes
WarriorPale yellow tabby she-cat
WarriorCream-and-brown tom
WarriorOrange-and-white she-cat
WarriorDappled gray tom
WarriorWhite she-cat with yellow splotches
ApprenticeBlack-and-white tom
ApprenticeDark brown she-cat with amber eyes
ApprenticeBlack she-cat with white splotch on one ear and amber eyes
KitGinger-and-black tom-kit
KitPale ginger she-kit
LeaderWiry brown she-cat with yellow eyes
DeputyThin gray tabby tom
Medicine CatWhite she-cat with green eyes
WarriorGray tabby tom with amber eyes
WarriorThick-furred gray she-cat with one ear tip missing
WarriorDark gray tom-kit with white patches and amber eyes
WarriorPale gray tabby she-kit with blue eyes
WarriorBlack-and-white patched tom-kit with amber eyes
WarriorGolden-brown tom with amber eyes and a dappled coat
WarriorPlump orange-and-white tom with green eyes
WarriorGray-and-white she-cat
WarriorSilver tabby tom with a knowledge of herbs
WarriorSmall gray tabby tom with blue eyes
WarriorShe-cat with prickly, bushy fur
WarriorMottled gray tom with blue eyes and thick bushy tail
WarriorBrown splotchy tabby she-cat with white tips on her nose and yellow eyes
WarriorBrown tom with yellow eyes, broad shoulders, and striped tail
WarriorPale tabby she-cat with blue eyes
LeaderLight gray tom with blue eyes
DeputyTortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes
Medicine CatChestnut-brown she-cat
WarriorShe-cat with thick, golden tabby fur
WarriorSilver-and-white she-cat
WarriorShe-cat with tan stripes
WarriorSplotchy brown tom with blue eyes
WarriorGray-and-white she-cat
WarriorGray tom
WarriorGinger tom with white circles of fur around his eyes
WarriorGray, brown, and white she-cat
WarriorTortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes
WarriorReddish-brown tom
WarriorStriped yellow tom
LeaderSilver long-furred tom with amber eyes
DeputyBlack she-cat
Medicine CatDelicate tortoiseshell she-cat with golden eyes
WarriorGray-and-white tom with green eyes
WarriorGray she-cat
WarriorOrange-and-white she-cat with green eyes
WarriorDark brown tom with golden eyes
WarriorGray-and-white she-kit with pale blue eyes
WarriorBlack tom-kit with yellow eyes
WarriorWhite tom

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