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Can you name the Warrior Cats Forest of Secrets Allegiances?

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LeaderBlue-gray she-cat, tinged with silver around her muzzle
DeputyBig dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws
Medicine CatOld dark gray she-cat with a broad, flattened face, formerly of ShadowClan
ApprenticeDark gray she-cat
WarriorBig white tom
ApprenticeShe-cat, white with ginger splotches
WarriorSleek black-and-gray tabby tom
WarriorPale tabby tom with dark black stripes
ApprenticeBlack-and-white tom
WarriorSwift tabby tom
WarriorVery pale gray she-cat with unusual blue eyes
WarriorSmall dusky brown she-cat
ApprenticeGolden brown tabby tom
WarriorHandsome ginger tom
ApprenticeLong-haired white tom
WarriorLong-haired solid gray tom
ApprenticeGolden brown tabby tom
WarriorDark brown tabby tom
WarriorPale ginger she-cat
QueenBeautiful white coat and blue eyes
QueenPretty tabby
QueenPale ginger coat
QueenPale tabby, and the oldest nursing queen
ElderBig dark brown tabby tom with part of his tail missing
ElderGray tom with very small ears; the oldest tom in ThunderClan
ElderSmall black-and-white tom
ElderPale gray she-cat; the oldest she-cat in ThunderClan; virtually blind and deaf
ElderOnce-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with a lovely dappled coat
ElderLong-haired dark brown tabby; blind; formerly ShadowClan leader
LeaderOld black tom
DeputyThin gray tom
Medicine CatSmall gray-and-white tom
WarriorBrown tabby tom
WarriorGray tabby tom
WarriorVery small tabby tom
QueenSmall tabby
QueenBlack she-cat
QueenLong-legged light brown tabby she-cat
LeaderBlack-and-white tom with a very long tail
DeputyBlack tom with a twisted paw
Medicine CatShort-tailed brown tom
WarriorMottled dark brown tom
WarriorTabby tom
WarriorYoung brown tabby tom
QueenGray she-cat
QueenTortoiseshell she-cat
LeaderHuge light-colored tabby with a twisted jaw
DeputyUnusually spotted golden tabby she-cat
Medicine CatLong-haired light brown tom
WarriorSmoky black tom
WarriorGray tom with battle-scarred ears
WarriorDark brown tom
WarriorPretty silver tabby
QueenDark gray she-cat
ElderThin gray she-cat with patchy fur and a scarred muzzle
LonerBlack-and-white tom who lives on a farm close to the forest
RogueLarge white tom with huge jet-black paws, formerly ShadowClan deputy
RogueSilver tabby tom, formerly of ShadowClan
KittypetLight brown tabby with a distinctive white chest and paws--a kittypet
LonerSleek black cat with a white-tipped tail who lives on the farm with Barley
KittypetPlump, friendly black-and-white kitten who lives in a house at the edge of the forest

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