Television Quiz / Legends of Tomorrow Character by Secret Identity (S1-2)

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Can you name the 'Legends of Tomorrow' characters by their secret identity?

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Real NameSecret IdentityAllegiance
Ray PalmerLegends
Sara LanceLegends
Jefferson Jackson and Martin SteinLegends
Kendra SaundersLegends
Carter HallLegends
Nate HeywoodLegends
Leonard SnartLegends/Legion of Doom
Mick RoryLegends/Legion of Doom
Amaya JiweLegends/Justice Society of America
Oliver QueenTeam Arrow
Laurel LanceTeam Arrow
John DiggleTeam Arrow
Real NameSecret IdentityAllegiance
Barry AllenTeam Flash
Cisco RamonTeam Flash
Rex TylerJustice Society of America
Henry HeywoodJustice Society of America
Courtney WhitmoreJustice Society of America
Charles McNiderJustice Society of America
Todd RiceJustice Society of America
Connor Hawke/John Diggle, Jr.Ally
Kara DanversAlly
Eobard ThawneLegion of Doom
Malcolm MerlynLegion of Doom
Grant WilsonVillain

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