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Name the Skulduggery Pleasant Character given their First and Last Lines Spoken

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First LineCharacterLast Line
'Sorry about that''Not yet. Ravel. Trouble.'
'This is insulting. Don't they know how dangerous I am? I am very, very dangerous. I'm a killer. I'm a trained killing machine. And still, they send you. A child.''Some day, when my work in the world of the living is done, when they need me no longer, I will return here. This I vow to you.'
'I'm standing here.''Cool. Let's do what we came here to do.'
'Stephanie. What are you doing here?''Good, thank you. I actually came up with these years ago. They've gone through a lot of rewrites, but that's what you get for being a writer, really. Always tinkering. Never satisfied. But finally, they're perfect, and I get to use them. No, wait-'
'Hello? Anyone down there?''I like your shoes.'
'It has at that.''Stop. Stop!'
'Yes, at least there's that.''Magic.'
'Who are you, to come after me, to disturb me, after all these years?''I should have cut your throat.'
'I am. I've heard about you. You helped take down Nefarian Serpine and Baron Vengeous. You stopped the grotesquery. Such talent. Such potential. Has he corrupted you yet?''I'm not entirely sure what just happened.'
'We have no choice. We can see where Guild is taking us, and we have no wish to follow him down that road. The sanctuary needs a new leader.''I've sacrificed enough. You're on your own.'
'Yes, absolutely.''And don't think I'm forgetting about you, young lady. Your big sister saved the world today. What the hell have you done?'
'You found him then. Before or after he managed to kill anyone?''It can't be, the only people allowed past the cleavers are people on the list- and stray would never be on the list.'
'You again. What do you want?''The dome will not fail completely, but some gaps may start to appear. We can expect some of them to get through before the dome repairs itself.'
'At least he died doing what he loved''There, looks good on you.'
First LineCharacterLast Line
'We got a call from Gordon's solicitor, they want us at the reading of the will.''When you take us home, are we going to throw up again?'
'Mr Bliss. I thought you were dead.''If I ever see you again, I'll assume you're here to try and steal something else, and you will be treated as an enemy. You can leave now.'
'Am I in heaven?''What about Clarabelle? We told her we'd go back for her. She's waiting for us.'
'I don't see what all the fuss is about, you're just a little girl.''You have one chance to walk away. I were you, I'd take it.'
'You're late.''Take her to Professor Nye. Tell it, it can do whatever it likes to her.'
'Chabon will meet you at ten o'clock, tomorrow morning. The bailey, off Grafton Street.''You're just making me angrier, and I really should have taken my serum tonight.'
'I'm quite used to it. Do you want to shake hands, miss, or start off with something easy, like waving?''No. No, don't.'
'What do you want me to say?''You've got more muscles to make up for it.'
'I heard that too, in fact, it was a rumour I started. I thought it might make people leave me alone in my retirement.''My sister is the only family I have left.'
'Couldn't be helped. I had a thing with a thing. It got complicated. But it's over now and here I am, and who do we have here?...''You'll die wondering.'
'Tanith. You're lookin' ravishin'''Seriously?'
'I could kill you. I could reach out, take hold of your face and squeeze, turn your head to mush. In your last few seconds of life, what would you think of me?...''I know you made a promise. Until the-'
'Hello, my friend. Providing you are not here to bother my guests, it is good to see you.''And the force field?'
'Baron.''I bear you no ill will.'

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