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Can you name the songs in which 'Man or Astro-man?' sings??

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[song title], more than darkness lies between us, twenty million miles of weakness...human weakness...1993
you will die, he will cry, he will fill his hands with water until he hears the songs of the sirens...1993
it's time for supernova! No time for drinkin' Coca-Cola, yoohoo!1993
Green-blooded love!...Green-blooded love!...1994
Patrolling them is my mission, sparking up the engine, let's go - Ignition!...1995
[song title] she's a galaxy gal, A solar system miss from a future world, she travels like a rocket with a comet team....1995
All the day, all for me, Trek across the space, you'll be just like they say...1995
Take a walk in a beautiful garden, Everyone would like to say hello, It doesn't matter what you say, Come and take us away... 1996
it's not rocket science, system compliance, of a radio eye...1996
lyric excerptsong titleyear
Way down, in the heart of the station, they cut communication...1997
A recorded voice, talking to the dictaphone, giving you the answer, like it just *is*.1997
Is it artificial? Is gravity as strong?...1997
I've lived, half life...1997
click-click, do you recognize? ...1997
...and outside you can hear a crack, on the surface of the desert land, tiger descending, swallowed in by quick sand...1997
It's the hum I hear, the circuit is clear, sixty cycles of sound...1997
Estralas Agora No Mortas....1999
I don't buy the scientific flow, in the race for moon patrol...The human race is your domain and you are it's master....1999
lights out. the new switch. lights outs. it's scientific...1999

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