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Forced Order
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who may impeach a witness
Habit routine practice
Similar crimes in child molestation cases
Excluding witnesses
Jude’s competency as a witness
Sex offense cases: The victims sexual behavior or predisposition
Need for personal knowledge
Juror’s competency as a witness
Oath or affirmation to testify truthfully
Excluding Relevant Evidence for prejudice confusion waste of time, or other reasons
Liability insurance
Religious Beliefs or Opinions
Mode and order of examining witnesses and presenting evidence
A Witness’s character for truthfulness or untruthfulness
General Admissibility of Relevant Evidence
Character Evidence, Crimes or other acts
Subsequent Remedial Measure
Similar Acts in Civil cases involving Sexual assault or child molestation
Similar cases in sexual assault cases
Competency to testify in general
Witness’s prior statement
Court’s calling or examining a witness
Compromise offers and Negotiation
Writing used to refresh a Witness’s Memory
Methods of proving character
offers to pay medical and similar expenses
Impeachment by evidence of a criminal conviction
Test for relevant evidence
pleas, plea discussions, and related statements

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