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She looked at my palm and laughed a bit. '___'__ _____ _____' she said
I loved the _____ ____ __ ______
But I loved her because she always knew exactly ___ ______ ______
She said they dealt in _________ ________
When I married I laughed for a week, _____ ___ _ ____ and settled down for life
Yield not to temptation, for ________ __ ___
As far as I was concerned, Melanie was ____
They called her the _____ _____
I want a woman without _______ ______ __ ___
What you think is the heart may well be _______ _____
QuoteMissing Words
We hugged and it felt like drowning...I had an _______ ______ __
What is it about ________ that makes it so very disturbing?
An old flame threatened to ____ _______ when she married another
______ are crafty. They disguise themselves like you and I.
________ ____ for another woman was a sin
The children of God have ______ ____ __ _____ _____
I loved God and I loved the church, but I began to see that as ____ ___ ____ ___________
No _______ is the final one
I love you almost as much as I ____ ___ ____

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