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Can you name the Romantic poetry blanks?

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QuoteMissing WordsPoet, Poem
But she is in her grave, and, oh,/___ __________ __ __Wordsworth, She Dwelt Among Untrodden Ways
A lovely apparition, sent/To be a ______'_ ________Wordsworth, Phantom of Delight
One word is too often profaned/___ __ __ _______ itShelley. One word is too often profaned...
Never seek to tell thy love/Love ____ _____ ____ ___ __Blake, Love's Secret
Where art thou, __ _______ ___Wordsworth, The Affliction of Margaret
She look'd at me as she did love,/And ____ _____ ____Keats, La Belle Dame Sans Merci
If I should meet thee/After long years,/How should I greet thee?/With _______ ___ _____Byron, When We Two Parted
QuoteMissing WordsPoet, Poem
and his ____ ______ ____/Does thy life destroyBlake, The Sick Rose
ALL thought, all passions all delights/Whatever stirs this mortal frame,/All are but _________ __ ____Coleridge, Love heart with with pleasure fills,/and ______ ____ ___ _________Wordsworth, Daffodils
Love to faults is always _____,Blake, How to Know Love From Deceit
And all that's best of ____ ___ ______/Meet in her aspect and her eyesByron, She Walks in Beauty
Her face it _______ ____ _ _____ ______/And stole my heart away completeClare, First Love
And the moonbeams kiss the sea-/What are all these kissings worth,/if thou ____ ___ __?Shelley, Love's Philosophy

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