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Is Mr. Perraud fun?
Using the same construction of sentence/paragraph
Same words to begin successive sentences/clauses
Shooting an Elephant and Animal Farm author
Consider the Lobster and This is Water author
Mr. Perraud's preferred donut maker
Performed the National Anthem at Super Bowl 25
Mr. Perraud's favorite band
Satirical newspaper
Doctor whose billboard looks over the Valley of Ashes
Color of the light Gatsby looks across the bay towards
Presenting starkly different examples or ideas in order to create emphasis
Instead of talking
What's the porpoise?
Same words to end successive sentences/clauses
Mr. Perraud's daily coffee brand
JFK's press conference was about the price of ______
Rhetorical mode using examples to demonstrate an idea
Rhetorical mode explaining difficult, technical or tedious topics
Common misspelling of a rhetorical mode which is used to explain the result of an event, but when misspelled, means that it's relaxed
Country from which many refugees are currently exiled due to civil war
Another name of an argumentative/opinion based newspaper essay
Another term for word choice
Popular local eating movement
Another term for sentence choices
Term for author's attitude
Town MLK wrote a letter from jail in
Author quoted in the 2016 AP Lang argument prompt
First names of the two subjects of Hoop Dreams
The name for what you need to pull from synthesis sources
What you MUST do with any rhetorical strategy you identify and mention
The country Shooting an Elephant is set in
Should I say 'the author used syntax..' or 'the author used diction...'?
A reference which is not explained, often literary or Biblical
Comparing two unlike things without using like or as
Humor often presented as serious which seeks to expose truths or flaws, often in society or government
The original subject of 'I Am Fun'
Figure of speech in which a part of something is used to represent the whole
Term for a subject established in a previous sentence or clause, usually replaced with a pronoun. (Hint: starts with 'A')
Three types of essays on the AP test
Tactic in sound argument where the author or speaker mentions and refutes an opposing viewpoint
The city where a Craiglist ad featuring an emotional narrative about a Vietnam vet took place
Popular newspaper from Washington, D.C.
Most popular paper ('paper of record') in the U.S.
Type of store where shopping trips can be a drag, according to This is Water
Coach famous for an emotional ESPY speech delivered while suffering from cancer
Avoid ______ at all costs during analysis
Adjective for an unchanging/boring tone of voice
Department megastore and subject of a documentary about its effect on small towns
Acronym for remembering proper usage of 'affect' and 'effect'

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