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Can you name the 1997-Present Day childrens cartoons??

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Little Blue GuysI'm digging the hats :)
Happy PoniesI had the Super Castle :)
He's yellow and square... DUHLol
It's his world... Join the little red fellaAnd his Goldfish Dorthy
She's named after a food, has red hair and has a pony. My dreams have come true.LALALALALALALALALALALA
Who knew vegetables were so religious?Ohhh WHERE is my HAIRBRUSH??
Don't spill water on these guys.... or show them light, or feed them after midnight..I LOVE GIZMO!!!
Little Japanese Anime show about hamstersCute eyes :)
GOTTA CATCH THEM ALLI pik at chu while you shower O_o
Story of Moses... but awesomeONCE I CALLED YOU BROTHER... MOSES!
My favorite show... one of those shows that was cancelled of Nick... about an alien trying to take control of the worldI LOVE GIR!!!!!!!

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