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Can you match Adventure Zone characters to their first line?

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Are you in need of assistance?
We don't know anything about this thing, and you want us to put all of our faith in it?
Okay, this is new. Were you the one that brought me here?
You got a great deal, from me, [name]! I made it into your game!
Welcome, the three of you, to the Bureau of Balance.
Oh man. You know about Jeremy? Yeah, he can be a real tool sometimes.
No, what's a pan? Like using a pan to pan for gold or diamonds?
This is wonderful. Thank you, you kind soul.
Oh, what a fantastic development. We have guests, dear, how exciting!
Oh my god. I think I see what he's trying to do.
Uh, can you hold the elevator please?
That's right! [name]! I'm a Pokemon apparently!
Hello. Oh, new passengers, I haven't met you yet.
Sorry, just give me one second. I'm trying to figure this out.
You guys should drink this. Trust me, it'll help.
The three of you shouldn't be here. The door was covered by vines, it's not safe for you to be in here.
Trust Barry. Love Barry. Taako, it's me, it's [static].
Hello visitors! Please identify yourselves.
Oh man, what a bummer. I was just getting some of those good Z's.
What's next, little man?
Hello, sir. Thank you for the evangelism, but I'm affiliated already.
Woah! [Name] is amazed by your power!
You made it! Welcome to Wonderland. Hopefully you didn't have too much trouble navigating the Wilds.
Well, this is hardly fair.
Sloane! Sloane, you're not a killer.

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