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Are you enough of a legend to name these microfossils?

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Flask like fossil. Egg cases
Organic Microfossil. Crumpled bags. Resting cyst of algae.
Organic microfossil. Widespread. Very resistant to decay.
Silicious single celled heterotroph (marine zoo plankton)
Teeth of annelid worm
Phosphatic. Jaw like elements of hag fish type animals.
Siliceous photosynthesising protist
Calcareous Trace fossil with 4 different types of test. Single celled heterotrophic protist
Silicious trace fossil. Common benthic filter feeding metazoans.
Calcareous Crustacean with bivalved carapace
Calcareous trace fossil comprised of calcite plates. Chambered.
Calcareous trace fossil E.g gastropod, sponges, echinoderm

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