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Small, Scottish island dweller
Fastest racer
Curly coat
Australian feral horse
From Norway
Trusty steed of a cowboy/girl
Elegance and beauty
Justin Morgan was the foundation sire
Mongolian wild horse
Gentle giant
British breed with 4 sections
Answer 2. crossed with 7.
Lives in a British forest of the same name
Spotted coat
Horse from the mountains in west USA
Protected US feral horse
french 'water horse'
This type can be Welsh, Irish or Norman
Golden horse colour, now registered
An extinct 'Old English' breed
Roam the moors of SW England
Answer 7. crossed with 8.
French sports horse
The smallest breed
Pure Spanish bred horse
From the Netherlands
Gaited horse from Tennessee
Unknown or mixed
Developed on the Barbary Coast, North Africa

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