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Forced Order
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definitionmdg vocabularysentence
nice surroundingsThe ___ of the hotel are great.
studyHe ______ the girl with an stoney glare
weirdThe gorgoyle 's face was _____.
thick darknessThe darkness of the night apppeared _____.
caastle likeThe building in the distance stood ______.
tangibleThe sand on the shore was ______ to Rainsford
palpableTher velvety black night was _______
blood redThe eyes of the gargoyle showed_____ in the distsance
definitionmdg vocabularysentence
sneakyGeneral Zaroff was _____ as he sneaked up on Rainsford
very uglyIvan in his black attire was _____ in his stature.
french castleThe lights around the corner revealed a stone grey ______ .
juts outThe rocks along the shored ___ and were deadly.
escapeRainsford ____ Zaroff with every trap.
nervousAs Rains watched Zaroff's every step, he beame ___.
regional storiesShiptrap Island was known in sailor ___.

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