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Forced Order
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What year did Seinfeld debut?
What is Jerry Seinfeld's favorite number?
What is Jerry's street address?
What is Jerry's apartment number?
What apartment number does Elaine tell China Panda to trick them to deliver the Supreme Flounder?
How many years was Jerry's vomit streak until it was broken by the black and white cookie?
What is the model of Jerry's Saab?
What time was it when Jerry frantically woke up Jean-Paul to get him to the race?
How much did Peterman pay for a piece of King Edward VIII wedding cake?
What year was that wedding?
To what size does Jerry change his jeans?
How much money did George give Elaine for her birthday?
How much money's worth did George tell Elaine to put him down for Roy's artwork?
What was Elaine's winning bid for JFK's golf clubs?
How many years was Kramer on strike from H&H Bagels?
What is Kramer's phone number?

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