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Bending Elements*
Main Character 
Avatar before Main Character 
Has an Island Named After Her 
Air Nomad 
Water Tribe 
Original Benders
Pet of the Main Character 
Pet of the Main Character 
Pet of the King of Ba Sing Se 
Pet of the King of Omashu 
The Last of the Original Firebenders 
Air Nomads*
Council of Elders/Main Character's Friend 
Council of Elders 
Council of Elders 
Fighting Style 
Water Tribe
Main Character 
Main Character 
Father of 2 of the Main Characters 
Gave her life for the moon 
Developed Bloodbending 
Chief of the Northern Water Tribe 
Fighting Style 
Earth Kingdom*
Main Character 
Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors 
Earthbender boy first featured in 'Imprisoned' 
Leader of the Dai Li 
Fighting Style 
Fire Nation
Main Character 
Fire Lord 
Killed the Moon Spirit 
Princess's 'friends' 
Fighting Style 
Freedom Fighters*
Order of the White Lotus*
Fire Nation 
Fire Nation 
Fire Nation 
Earth Kingdom 
Water Tribe 

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