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Can you name the following dead musicians?

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Age, Cause & Year of DeathMusicianBand
22, Plane Crash; 1959The Crickets
27, Drug Overdose; 1970The Experience
24, Motorcycle Accident; 1971The Allman Brothers Band
45, AIDS; 1991Queen
27, Suicide; 1994Nirvana
46, Bleeding Ulcer; 1991The Byrds
44, Shot by Father; 1984N/A
28, Plane Crash; 1959N/A
30, Car Accident; 1977T-Rex
39, Drowned; 1983The Beach Boys
40, Murdered; 1980The Beatles
32, Drug Overdose; 1978The Who
26, Speedball Overdose; 1988The Red Hot Chili Peppers
27, Heart Attack; 1971The Doors
32, Alcohol Overdose; 1980Led Zeppelin
50, Car Accident; 1988Sam & Dave
17, Plane Crash; 1959N/A
27, Drowned; 1969The Rolling Stones
36, Ruptured Stomach Ulcer; 1971Blue Caps
21, Car Accident; 1960N/A
39, Heart Attack; 1972The Drifters
Age, Cause & Year of DeathMusicianBand
36, Melanoma to the brain and lungs; 1981The Wailers
50, Heart Attack; 2002The Clash
35, Brain Death; 1987N/A
27, Heroin Overdose; 1970Big Brother and the Holding Company
26, Plane Crash; 1967The Bar-Kays
33, Murdered; 1964The Soul Stirrers
44, Suicide; 1980N/A
63, Heart Attack; 2003The Righteous Brothers
21, Cerebral Haemorrhage; 1962The Beatles
34, Heart Failure; 1974The Mamas & The Papas
33, Electrocution by Guitar; 1976The Yardbirds
42, Heart Attack; 1977N/A
34, Heart Attack; 1979Little Feat
32, Car Accident; 1980The Grateful Dead
50, Heart Failure; 2009The Jackson 5
32, Heart Attack; 1983The Carpenters
36, Heart Failure; 1986Thin Lizzy
55, Suicide; 1990N/A
21, Suicide; 1979The Sex Pistols
27, Unknown; 2011N/A

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